Cyber Monday Sale! It’s our stimulus plan.

Hello all- yes, we are gearing up for our annual Cyber Monday sale and it’s gonna be a big day here at Mission Repair.

So this is what you see on our site right now (and we’re still going to run a couple more specials) but we’ll announce our biggest coupon code of the year and it’ll be posted SUNDAY NIGHT on the home page of our website. This means that if you wait until Monday to place your order you can use this coupon code to save some huge bucks.

However I have a few tricks up my sleeve even BEFORE Cyber Monday if you’re interested.

Before the holiday on Thursday, I’ll be back here in the blog with instructions on how you can get in on some SUPER deals beginning Thanksgiving and running through Cyber Monday.

So if you’re in the market for any one of our services, iPhone or iPod accessories, iPhone or iPad Protections plans, within the next couple of days you’ll be privy to some savings that are unprecedented here at Mission Repair. Couple that up with our low prices (and lower prices on many items recently) and you have big savings.

Thanks everyone, I hope you have your Thanksgiving plans all firmed up. I’m still working on mine but I think I’m getting close 😉 Until then I’ll be here at Mission Repair full steam ahead!

Talk to you soon, Ryan

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