Samsung Gravity 3 Repair = Success!

Hello everyone- I just got back into the office today after a long weekend of fun and happiness. I ran through my 328 emails so I think that I have time for a quick blog to my masses of readers. One of the highlights this morning is that we have received and repaired a new cell phone, the Samsung Gravity! Take a look at it before:

And then after the LCD screen repair:

All these new services – and so little time 😉 I feel like we are doing the right thing providing so many new cell phone repair options. . .it’s amazing to know that there just aren’t that many viable solutions in the marketplace that consumers can trust. Since you know that the Award Winning Mission Repair is on your side we’re happy to be a trusted vendor for all your electronics service needs. Samsung Gravity 3 Screen Repair in 24 hour for only $59 installed. It seems fair to me!!

Hey I’ll be back soon with more info from all of us here at Mission Repair – Best, Ryan