Samsung Mythic Cell Phone Repairs now available!

Hello all- I’m heading out for the weekend in a few hours, and we’re busy with business and getting new services established. Before we even announced it, we received a broken Samsung Mythic in for a Mythic screen repair. Since we carry thousands of parts in stock, we were fortunate enough to have screen in stock for this awesome phone.

Our customer unit arrived today:

And within an hour, Brandon had the phone repaired and ready for QA. We will most certainly deliver this phone back to the customer today, here it is repaired and ready to go:

I always love it when we get in a new product for repair. My guys were built for this. In fact, Mission Repair was built for this. We continually expand our line of services so that the public has an excellent, viable option for servicing these types of devices. It’s another good way to keep devices in operation versus added them to a landfill. That’s how we look at it anyway. . .

SAMSUNG MYTHIC SCREEN REPAIRS NOW AT MISSION REPAIR. Fastest and best price on the planet. Check it out!

Take care, Ryan