Dell repairs are flowing at Mission Repair!

Hi everyone- just a reminder, we are rocking over here at Mission Repair performing Windows based PC Dell Laptop screen repairs and our turnaround is just ONE BUSINESS DAY. How can we do it? Well, it’s magic.

So remember us in the future when you see your friend drop their Dell laptop on the kitchen floor, in the dorm room, or at the office. . .(this will usually result in a cracked screen for sure). . .and when we get it, like magic, it’ll come back to you looking good as new!

Thanks everyone have a great Tuesday. Ryan

Laptop Shipping Kits at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone – ever wonder how to ship your failing laptop into us? Here at Mission Repair we take the worry out of moving your laptop from your location to ours with our exclusive shipping kits. These shipping kits are approved by FedEx and we FULLY INSURE your laptop for replacement value on it’s way into us and way back to your location. We also use FedEx, the best shipping company in the industry with the best record and least damage from handling. Here’s a quick video to see just how easy it is to use our kit:

Remember, you can ship your laptop into us on your own if you’d like, but if you want to take the worry out of shipping just use our shipping kit. It’s fast, easy and arrives at your doorstep. Need more information? Just call us at 1-866-638-8402.

Thanks everyone, I’ll be back soon. Ryan

Text us, we’re all about communication!

Hello everyone, this is another Mission Repair first- we’ve launched a text campaign for those of you that have a text enabled mobile phone. (Yeah, that’s our demographic!) Simply text “repair” to 72727. Go ahead, do it now, I’ll wait. . . . . . . . . .

OK- now that you’re signed up, you’ll find an immediate coupon code within a text sent to your cell phone. You can use this coupon when you checkout online or when you call in to our customer service center. Additionally, we’ll follow up with a monthly giveaway, even a brand new iPod Touch! Only those that are part of our text messaging campaign will be eligible to win these exclusive prizes from Mission Repair. Remember, you can opt out at ANY TIME by simply replying “STOP” and you’ll never receive a text from us again. But heck, we promise to keep them short and simple and to not bother you more that twice a month. We get it.

OK, there it is, another easy way to stay in touch with Mission Repair and another way to save some bucks when you shop our services.

Thanks, it’s been an unbelievably busy Monday here – it feels great to feel so wanted!

Best, Ryan

The 10/10/10 sale at Mission Repair! 10% off your entire repair order.

10/10/10 sale! Or you could wait for the 11/11/11 sale, I’ll give 11% off next year!

That’s right folks. From now until 10/10/10 you can take 10% off your entire order with coupon code “tens”. This will automatically remove 10% off your order, including shipping and it’s good for any service that we offer. I mean, we can’t take 10% off of our FREE DIAGNOSIS however we will take 10% off of our astonishingly low shipping rates.

Yeah, we ship iPhones anywhere in the country for $5. Laptop computers for $14. Come on, that’s a great deal but it becomes unbeatable with an additional 10%.

So, use that coupon now, tomorrow, Saturday and all day Sunday to receive 10% off your order!

Thanks, talk to you again soon.

Best, Ryan

iPad Landscape docking? You decide!

Hello everyone, as you know we’ve been busy performing iPad Repairs since the release date. We also talked about the iPad camera in a previous blog post and I’m still holding hope that we’ll see that camera in the next revision. . .it just makes sense.

We’ve all seen the Apple iPad Design Patents showing dual dock connectors. . .but we want to see the real thing!

Ask and you shall receive: Here’s a shot of an iPad back case showing the dock connectors both on the bottom of the iPad (as we’re used to) and on the side of the iPad so you can dock it in landscape mode. Just as we hoped.

Dock connector openings on 2 sides!

Compared to the current backplate.

What does this mean? First of all, I want one of these new iPads when they come out! Next, this is pretty indicative of a new release coming with the landscape dock connector. If we can just get that front facing camera, I think that the iPad will remain a serious threat in the iPad market, um, I mean the “tablet” market. Go Apple!!

I’ll be back soon with more goodies from the Mission Repair Blog-

Best, Ryan