Warehouse cleanup = 10% off your order until 10/31/10!

It’s Monday afternoon, and we’re completing the cleanup of one of our back warehouses. Dylan is busy tossing construction materials and old trash out in anticipation of business ramp up over the next couple of weeks. He just compiled a pallet of recyclables that will be picked up in a few days.

It’s no secret. We’re busy now but November and December are EXTREMELY busy here at Mission Repair. It’s now or never. Well, it’s not that bad, but it is BETTER to do any extraneous projects NOW rather than wait until next month. So here’s a shot of Dylan moving that pallet of recyclable material for pickup:

Dylan is our newest Mission Repair member (you can email him here!) and when he’s done, we should be able to store an additional few pallets of repairs in the back. It’s just what we need for the rush that’s about to hit. I love it!

Hey let’s add a new coupon today, just for reading my blog. . .10% off any repair or product, just use coupon code “dylan” to receive the discount online! This coupon will expire on 10/31/10 at midnight, so don’t wait too long to get your repair order placed with us at Mission Repair. Coincidentally, Dylan has until 10/31/10 to get that back room cleaned up!

Take care, Ryan

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