The 10/10/10 sale at Mission Repair! 10% off your entire repair order.

10/10/10 sale! Or you could wait for the 11/11/11 sale, I’ll give 11% off next year!

That’s right folks. From now until 10/10/10 you can take 10% off your entire order with coupon code “tens”. This will automatically remove 10% off your order, including shipping and it’s good for any service that we offer. I mean, we can’t take 10% off of our FREE DIAGNOSIS however we will take 10% off of our astonishingly low shipping rates.

Yeah, we ship iPhones anywhere in the country for $5. Laptop computers for $14. Come on, that’s a great deal but it becomes unbeatable with an additional 10%.

So, use that coupon now, tomorrow, Saturday and all day Sunday to receive 10% off your order!

Thanks, talk to you again soon.

Best, Ryan

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