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Thanks, talk to you again soon.

Best, Ryan

iPad Landscape docking? You decide!

Hello everyone, as you know we’ve been busy performing iPad Repairs since the release date. We also talked about the iPad camera in a previous blog post and I’m still holding hope that we’ll see that camera in the next revision. . .it just makes sense.

We’ve all seen the Apple iPad Design Patents showing dual dock connectors. . .but we want to see the real thing!

Ask and you shall receive: Here’s a shot of an iPad back case showing the dock connectors both on the bottom of the iPad (as we’re used to) and on the side of the iPad so you can dock it in landscape mode. Just as we hoped.

Dock connector openings on 2 sides!

Compared to the current backplate.

What does this mean? First of all, I want one of these new iPads when they come out! Next, this is pretty indicative of a new release coming with the landscape dock connector. If we can just get that front facing camera, I think that the iPad will remain a serious threat in the iPad market, um, I mean the “tablet” market. Go Apple!!

I’ll be back soon with more goodies from the Mission Repair Blog-

Best, Ryan