Mission Repair has done it again. . .We’ve gone mobile!

Hello everyone, I’m just speechless right now. This is a feat in itself!

Marc (our Webmaster) just launched our BRAND NEW MOBILE WEBSITE! That’s right, for those of you that care or for those of you that surf our website from your mobile device (i.e. iPhone or iPad), our servers will automatically recognize your device and automatically display a drill-down MOBILE version of our site on your hand-held. It’s just plain awesome! Just view our mobile site and then select your services:

What does this mean? Well, first of all, viewing all of our products and categories and services like iPhone repair and Macbook repair are EASY on your mobile device. No more pinch and zoom! Our services are displayed with pictures and descriptions so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Marc is scrambling to hammer out the bugs (as with any new website launch) and we should be 100% by this afternoon. Find any holes? Just email Marc and let him know!!

Don’t like the new mobile site look? No problem, it might take some getting used to. You can always click “Go to main site” at the bottom right to take you our normal site. I know, sometimes change is scary (trust me, I’ve been holding my breath for 24 hours now!) but I think that this is just another way that Mission Repair stands out amongst the competition. We do this for you, our customers – and for no other reason. Well, I have to admit that I think it’s pretty cool too. OK, 90% for our customers, 10% cool. . .that’s it!

Hey, if I don’t see ya in the neighborhood this weekend, have a Happy Halloween!!

Best, Ryan

Free Apple TV from Mission Repair!

That’s right! We’re giving away a BRAND NEW Apple TV. We will be drawing at random one lucky winner from our new TEXT SUBSCRIBERS list ONLY. We have less than 1000 people on this list so far (much lower than our email subscriber list which is close to 20,000 people now) and if you sign up and are on our TEXT SUBSCRIBERS list, we will draw one lucky winner on Cyber Monday. You might have seen our new banner on our website:

Cyber Monday is on November 29th, 2010 and as usual, it’s the busiest day of the year for us here at Mission Repair. So we are going to commemorate the season by giving away a new Apple TV to a deserving subscriber. No purchase necessary. All you need to do is text “REPAIR” to 72727 and you’re automatically entered into the drawing. We will post pictures of the drawing and the winner on Cyber Monday!!

Get on that list today as your chances are good. Who knows, maybe you’ll be getting that Apple TV for Christmas 😉

Thanks, Ryan

Warehouse cleanup = 10% off your order until 10/31/10!

It’s Monday afternoon, and we’re completing the cleanup of one of our back warehouses. Dylan is busy tossing construction materials and old trash out in anticipation of business ramp up over the next couple of weeks. He just compiled a pallet of recyclables that will be picked up in a few days.

It’s no secret. We’re busy now but November and December are EXTREMELY busy here at Mission Repair. It’s now or never. Well, it’s not that bad, but it is BETTER to do any extraneous projects NOW rather than wait until next month. So here’s a shot of Dylan moving that pallet of recyclable material for pickup:

Dylan is our newest Mission Repair member (you can email him here!) and when he’s done, we should be able to store an additional few pallets of repairs in the back. It’s just what we need for the rush that’s about to hit. I love it!

Hey let’s add a new coupon today, just for reading my blog. . .10% off any repair or product, just use coupon code “dylan” to receive the discount online! This coupon will expire on 10/31/10 at midnight, so don’t wait too long to get your repair order placed with us at Mission Repair. Coincidentally, Dylan has until 10/31/10 to get that back room cleaned up!

Take care, Ryan

NOW AVAILABLE: HTC Evo Screen Repairs!

Electronics repairs, it’s in my blood! It’s no secret, we service the entire United States from our central, Kansas City based repair center.

Mission Repair in Kansas City is now offering HTC Evo LCD and digitizer replacements at extremely competitive pricing and 24 hour turnaround. HTC Evo LCD Screen Repairs. The HTC Evo is Sprint’s 4G smartphone that runs the popular Android software.

HTC Evo Glass and Digitizer Repairs.

We are continuing to expand our line of Cell Phone repair services to meet the demand of our customers. Sprint’s newest 4G phone, the HTC Evo, is extremely popular and we now have the parts in stock to perform screen repairs and get these phone back to customers as quickly as humanly possible.

We install BRAND NEW parts and give a 1 year warranty on all HTC screen services.

Mission Repair is now synonymous with HTC Smartphone Screen Repairs and we are prepared to take an additional 1000 phones per month effective immediately. I’ll be back soon as we are offering many new services within the next few days!

Best, Ryan

Hot off the presses: HTC Desire Cell Phone Screen Repairs!

We’ve once again launched a new line of smartphone repairs and we service the entire United States from our central, Kansas City based repair center. Mission Repair in Kansas City is now offering HTC Desire LCD and/or glass digitizer replacements at extremely competitive pricing and 24 hour turnaround. This combination is the best in the business. We continue to offer flat rate pricing with no hidden fees! See links below for details, we are taking orders now!

HTC Desire Glass and Digitizer Repairs.

HTC Desire LCD Screen Repairs.

We’re installing BRAND NEW parts and offering a 1 year warranty on all HTC screen services. Don’t get lulled into a cheaper price on this repair and make sure to calculate your shipping costs to get a final total. Mission Repair offers the cheapest shipping costs in the industry using FedEx, the best shipper in the industry.

In addition to our outstanding track record with the Better Business Bureau (we tout an “A” rating and are fully accredited with the Kansas City BBB) and success with over 10,000 Mac repairs in the last year alone, we remain a top contender and stand out amongst the competition.

Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their phone directly to Mission Repair using the courier of their choice.

Any questions? Give us a call at 1-866-638-8402!

Best, Ryan