Mission Repair Open House = Success!!

Hello everyone. It’s been a heck of a day here at Mission Repair. . .we are wrapping up our open house and we had a fantastic turnout of folks that flowed through from about 11am to 3pm. . .I didn’t have a formal count but every time I turned around there was a new group of faces waiting to meet us (100’s of faces today!). Thanks to everyone that attended and made this day a special one for us!! We started the day with a ribbon cutting and the entire company gathered up to take a pic:

After the outdoor event (what a beautiful day too!) we opened up the doors to the business. First stop. . .Mickey the Cotton Candy Man in the lobby. I was able to get first draw on some fresh candy:

Then we moved up to the Mission Repair cafe for a hot catered lunch and drinks:

Finally, as the grand finale, we gave away several prizes including the new legendary iPod Touch Gen 4 with Facetime. Yeah, it was a great event! To be brutally honest, when I organize these types of things it’s very time consuming and distracting. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s worth doing. Then the day arrives, the turnout was great, I made a lot of new friends, and we were even able to take in about 40% more walk-in repairs today than normal.

More importantly though, my employees were able to participate, take a little time to hang around during the workday and have a meal as a group. Without them, this business is nothing. As a business owner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of “business” and as we all know, life in general. It’s also easy to take your employees for granted – I know, I’ve been taken for granted and even taken advantage of by others I’ve worked with. Mission Repair is built around pride, confidence, understanding and trust. From my perspective, it’s how the world should work. I’m trying my best.

I want to give a special thank you to the Esau family for showing up as a force. It’s good to have “my house” filled with great people!

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

P.S. That 20% coupon for repairs today is still good until midnight! See my previous blog post for details!

We’re cuttin’ ribbons and cuttin’ prices! 20% OFF ONE DAY ONLY.

Yup, it’s the big day. On 9/30/10 we’re hosting a HUGE Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House at Mission Repair – we hope you stop by – we’ve got a lot to talk about and a lot to see. Not to mention a lot of good food and oh yes, don’t forget all you can eat cotton candy. It’s the ticket!

PLEASE NOTE: Our telephone switchboard will be down for the event from 10 am to 2 pm central standard time. There’s just going to be too many people in our building and too many distractions.

We don’t really want to do this, however for the inconvenience, we’re offering a whopping 20% off of your order that you place any time on September 30, 2010. That’s right. 20% off your entire order even shipping! We’ve never dipped that deep into the discounts so if you’ve been waiting, now is the time to make that iPod or iPhone happy again. Go ahead, you know you need that MacBook Screen Repaired. 20% off brings the MacBook Screen repair down to just about $150 – this is simply amazing! USE COUPON CODE “OPEN” for your 20% off discount. Remember it’s only good for a 24 hour period, all day September 30, 2010 and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon we are offering – it just won’t let ya!

OK, there it is. Let those orders fly and I’ll be back with pictures of the event shortly afterward. Thanks!!


Open House and Ribbon Cutting at Mission Repair!

Hello all, I’m getting pretty amped up for our Open House and Ribbon Cutting in 2 days! If you’re local and available, come on by and say hi! Want to see our small business in operation? Come on down. . .we’ve got a good spread of hot food from Raoul’s Velvet Room and sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.

We’re just planning on having a little fun, take a few pictures, and talk to our local friends and partners here in Olathe. We’ve also got a cotton candy vendor that will be whipping out as many treats as possible! Oh yeah, one more thing – we’re offering 20% off any repair or service on Thursday, September 30, 2010. Just check back here for that coupon code, I’ll post it late Wednesday night!!

Thanks, see ya at the office 😉


The Lousiburg Cider Mill was a blast!

So I blogged about it last week, and was able to entice a few Mission Repair employees to go with me and my family to the Cider Mill corn maze and activities. Here’s a shot of a few employees at the board:

So we had a contest to see who could make it though the corn maze the fastest, and it was Jake. He’s in this picture above in the yellow dress 😉

Here’s my son schooling my daughter in the obstacle course:

Overall it was a great time and there’s nothing wrong with a little fun – this Ciderfest pretty much launches me right into the fall season. Well, that and football 😉

OK, it’s a big week here at Mission Repair! Our Ribbon Cutting and Open House are this Thursday at 11:00am so we’re busy preparing and finalizing our building for the activities. We’re looking forward to it!

Best, Ryan

Good, old fashioned fun at the Louisburg Cider Mill!

Hello all- just finalizing plans to visit the Louisburg Cider Mill this weekend for some old-fashioned outdoor fun! The Cider Mill, located in Louisburg, Kansas (just about 20 minutes south of Mission Repair) hosts the area’s only “Ciderfest” every year and I’ve been going to it for almost 10 years in a row now. . .

The part that I always like best is the full-size corn maze. This year they carved it out to look like a werewolf, here’s an aerial picture:

We usually find ourselves lost and running around the maze looking for the the hidden clues within the maze. If you get all of the clues, you turn in your answers when you exit for a raffle of some great prizes. The cider mill is where we get our pumpkins (Halloween is almost here!) and there are PLENTY of food vendors, crafts, and all-day activities. Couple all of this with live music and, don’t forget, FRESH APPLE DONUTS, we make memories every year.

The Ciderfest is held on 9/25, 9/26 and 10/2 and 10/3/10. Maybe we’ll see you out there!

Take care, Ryan