Dinner for Mission Repair!

Hello everyone- OK, we’ve been so busy here I can’t even find time to write a blog post! It’s been a couple of weeks of interviews (I had over 500 applicants for 2 positions that I was filling), we hired another shipping employee, another new iPhone technician, started a new QA program that is sure to be a huge success, and had 2 new customer service representatives start this week. Pretty soon I get to get some rest!

I’m starting tonight. I invited the entire company to a movie tonight. It’s date night at Mission Repair 😉 and I’m taking everyone out to see “Dinner for Schmucks” at our local AMC 30. It’s also a “Fork and Screen” presentation so we get dinner and drinks served to our table while we watch the movie, it’s pretty cool! It’s a good way for the entire business to bond and get some laughs in- well, at least I hope the movie is funny. If not we’ll just have to make some comedy up ourselves. The “Dinner for Hucks” joke is already getting old with my QA Administrator, Huck, who doesn’t see the humor in it!

OK, so tomorrow I’ll report back and get a quote from each employee that attends the showing tonight- talk to you in the morning!!

See ya, Ryan