Junk in my Trunk – at Mission Repair!

Hello happy Friday Blog Readers!

I was pleasantly surprised when Darren Smith from Junk Mafia stopped by and offered to have us on his radio show, KCXL 1140 in Kansas City- So here it is, and it’s official: I will be on the radio on September 9, 2010.

Wanna hear me squirm on the air? Tune in on September 9 and I’ll be on the show for an hour. If you’re not in our listening area, I’ll be sure to post the recording here in the blog! We’ll be talking about Mission Repair and how we keep electronics in consumers hands rather than in a landfill. It’s just part of what we do!!

Thanks everyone, I’m excited to get to it!!

Mission Repair Quality Control. Does the competition stand a chance?

Happy Friday everyone- we are happy to bring another level of expertise and peace of mind when you use Mission Repair as your Apple Service Provider of choice. We have always performed Quality Control and Quality Assurance here in our service lab, but I just wanted to take the time to tell you a little more about it. When you receive a repair back from us, enclosed you’ll find a card that looks something like this:

What you see here is a culmination of work and double checks and pride that goes into each and every repair. On the left, you see your Technician’s name. In this case, it’s Brandon, with his email address and his telephone extension. On the right you see the Quality Control Technician, who is Huck, with his contact information listed as well.

How can we improve this? Let me know. After the technician performs his repair, the device is sent to the Quality Control Department for QA check. The QA Tech then a complete overview and assurance check of the part(s) that were installed, then places the QA Sheet into the box which moves on to shipping.

Could we make the repair process any better? Well of course we make mistakes. Of course we have warranty repairs that we need to perform. The fact is that we just have one of the best RMA rates in the business. That’s good for you and Mission Repair – it just takes a little extra work to make it right 😉

Hey everyone, have a great weekend. I’ll be out BBQ’ing with the family, my sister is up here from San Antonio so I get to spend a little time with the nieces!

See ya, Ryan

10% off your order at Mission Repair! Good through 8/21/10!

Hello everyone. . .I’ve staffed up our front office. We have new customer service representatives that are ready to expedite your order. I want to get them through their training and get as much experience as possible over the next 2 weeks-

So we’re offering 10% off of your repair, when you call in to place your repair order from Mission Repair. Just mention that you saw the “10% off blog”, and when you talk to Melissa, Jenny, Huck, Troy, Marc, or whomever else might answer the phone (including me!) we will take your order and then apply the 10% coupon code. Now’s a great time to have that iPhone cracked glass repaired or get that MacBook up and running again. 10% off your entire order doesn’t come around often, so take advantage now and help me finish up our training!

That’s it! Don’t be gentle on us, we’re ready for battle 😉 Operators are standing by and ready to save you some serious dough!

Thanks, Ryan

1095 Emails. I’m gonna be here a while!

Here’s a quick screen shot of my email inbox as of 4:39pm this afternoon:

I promise that I’m NOT just sitting around watching my inbox grow! I’m am truly trying to reply to each of these as they come in, but come on. I’m only one man 😉

Well, I’ve hired 4 new employees in the last week. Business is really ramping up and it’s obvious that we are in dire need of assistance. My email inbox is living proof of it!

I guess this blog is to inform you that if you’ve emailed me, I’m not ignoring you- I’ll be in touch VERY soon. Thanks for your patience, and as I delegate some of these out to my new SUPER STAFF here at Mission Repair, we’ll get my email back under control! 1095, yikes!

Hey, I needed to brush up on my typing anyway. In fact, why am I here typing this blog when I should be attending to my email? Good question. . .take care I’m outta here!


Say hello to the staff!

Hey there everyone- we are making some changes (constantly I might add) to our website and we just added a “Meet the Staff” page. This is going to be a fun page that will allow you see inside of the business that saves the day.

So Marc and Huck volunteered to inaugurate the new page and they have their profiles up. Keep an eye out on the “Meet the Staff” page and we’ll rotate in new employees monthly. Send them an email, they will love it!

Thanks everyone, Ryan