iPhone 4 Back Case Repairs announced!!

Hello everyone- I’m back in the saddle from a few days out of town (there’s a tiger in the bathroom!) and recovering from the fun in Nevada. . .and from the heat. It was 115 degrees on the Vegas strip last Saturday, yikes! I left my jacket in the hotel room 😉

Hey we are making some magic happen around here at Mission Repair and we just landed our supply of iPhone 4 back cases. You know, the ones that are made out of glass? The same type of glass that makes up the front face of the iPhone? Well, they are cracking too. We announced it yesterday and we have already taken orders for this repair, it’s obviously going to be a good one!


We have them in black and white, but since the white iPhones haven’t been released yet, you’d probably want the black one!

Once more, Mission Repair leading the industry and the market with our full service repairs. Thanks, have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you again soon.


Lawrence Apple Users Group meeting was a success!

Hello everyone, it was a late night last night as we finished up our presentation at the Lawrence Apple Users Group Meeting that we asked to attend- as usual, I can take a short story and make it long, but the folks in attendance were absolutely awesome and posed a lot of good questions for Mission Repair. I entered the meeting with a rough draft of a plan, and ended up having a repair “contest” between two of my technicians (Jake and Brandon) to see which of them could fix an iPhone cracked glass the fastest. Brandon pulled out the victory.

Yup, that's me trying to keep my cool!

They lined up on a table and got to work. . .and as they were repairing, I spoke about the iPhone, iPad and Mission Repair. I felt pretty great about the meeting and had a wonderful time. It’s really nice to reach out to the public like that. I’ve personally been in the business since 1994 working on many Apple items and I know that there has to be something I can share 😉 I still LOVE Apple’s products. I saw some old familiar faces and met many new ones. . .it was a success and I was able to add 30 or so emails to my newsletter list.

Rumor has it that some of the video from last night will be uploaded for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m looking forward to that and I’ll post it if I see it. Thanks to Dr. Dave for the invite, it was a blast.

Thanks everyone, Ryan

AFTER: HTC Eris Screen repaired and shipping back the customer!

OK, as promised, we were able to get that HTC Eris screen repair done quickly. Check it out:

The HTC Eris - it's back from the dead and ready to dance!

Remember, we are quickly become THE PLACE for the most popular cell phone screen repairs. We have the competition on the run. We are using NEW OEM screens, offering a 1 year warranty, and better pricing. It’s the magic formula to a great business plan. . .

OK, I’m done with the typing for one day. Have a great 4th of July- we are anxious to blow off a few fireworks (they were legalized in my small town, Spring Hill, KS) so we are going to light up the backyard this weekend. Have a safe holiday, I’ll be back next week.

Best, Ryan

BEFORE: HTC Eris needs the glass replaced!

Hello all- it’s minutes before the 5 o’cock bell here at Mission Repair. Well, we don’t have a bell, but 5 pm usually marks the finish of “most” of the employees day- I think that I might be here a little late!

Here’s a picture of the HTC Eris that we received today. Yup, a customer cracked it and it’s not in good shape! The HTC Eris glass repair is just one in a long line of cell phone repairs that we offer.

HTC Eris with cracked screen. Can we fix it?

Check back in a few minutes. I’ll report in!! Why am I showing these pics? I don’t really know, but I’m sure someone is interested. I’ll be back-


HTC HD2 LCD and glass repairs announced!

Good morning and happy almost 4th of July weekend! Well, I bet that some of you have started early, but for the rest of us working types, we’re still here for a while 😉

HTC cracked? We'll handle it!

We have released several new service programs for many popular phones, including the iPhone 4 as you already know. Additionally we are now offering HTC HD2 LCD and digitizer replacements at extremely competitive pricing and 24 hour turnaround. This combination is the best in the business.

HTC HD2 LCD Screen Repair. Flat rate pricing, no hidden fees!

HTC HD2 Glass/Digitizer Repair. Flat rate pricing, no hidden fees!

We offer BRAND NEW parts and a 1 year warranty on all HTC screen services. Don’t get lulled into a cheaper price on this repair and make sure to calculate your shipping costs to get a final total. We offer the cheapest shipping costs in the industry using FedEx, the best shipper in the industry.

In addition to our outstanding track record with the Better Business Bureau (we tout an “A” rating and are fully accredited with the Kansas City BBB) and success with over 10,000 Mac repairs in the last year alone, Mission Repair remains a top contender and stands out amongst the competition.

Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their phone directly to us using the courier of their choice.

The HTC HD2 is a popular phone. We have the parts in stock and taking orders now. Have a great weekend if I don’t talk to you again before you pack the car and head out of town.

See ya, Ryan