iPhone 4 in the house!

Hello everyone, did you get your iPhone 4 today? We did! The “face time” feature is awesome, even if you do have to be in a Wifi zone. Just holding this new iPhone in comparison to the 3GS iPhone is a big difference. It’s noticeably thinner and more “square”. The high resolution screen is unbelievable. Kinda fun now isn’t it? Here’s a shot from the masses down at our local Apple Store:

Did you wait in a line like this? We did!

We are certainly going to see a lot of these roll through the doors- with the front and back of this new iPhone being GLASS, I can just see it now- iPhone 4 Glass repair and iPhone Repair kits are going to be a holiday hit. Not to worry, remember that Mission Repair is here to help ease those pains when the time comes; check back here for specials and coupons to save even more. I promise.

Some very cool new things happening around here at Mission Repair. I’ll be back in touch soon!

Best, Ryan