iPhone 3GS repair price drops!

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

Things are really moving around here at Mission Repair. Watch for us in the Kansas City Star this week, we participated in a really great interview. The reported asked me to send a picture – a “head shot”. I’m a little nervous about seeing myself front and center. Normally, I’ll send a company logo, a shot of the inside of our building, or a picture of some iPhone parts. Not this time, it’s just me 😉

We have just been told that our part costs on many iPhone 3GS skus have dropped. We are buying in huge quantities and we are ready to pass along some price decreases to you! Check out our iPhone 3GS repair pages and we are working on our new pricing over the next couple of days. For example, the 3GS LCD repair was dropped by over $30. That’s HUGE! Check it out, just wanted to let you know.

Best, Ryan