MacBook Polycarbonate Unibody (Late 2009) Matte Screen Installations!

Hello all- we now have the anti-glare option for the late 2009 Poly MacBook!

You’ve heard it from me before: We are known for our easy to use website and the MacBok Polycarbonate is a natural fit for our service line. We offer a 24-hour turn around time, however most customers have reported same-day service – which can also be guaranteed for a small additional “front of the line” fee.

The anti-glare option for the late 2009 Polycarbonate Apple MacBook is a highly desirable option and many customers prefer the matte screens versus the glossy screens that come installed from the factory. If you’ve got a MacBook with a cracked screen, that is the most opportune time to make the change – however we charge the same for either the glossy or matte versions so the choice is yours. Until now, having the anti-glare matte screen was not an option on this model!

All of these MacBook Screen Repairs are just $189 installed. Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their computer directly to Mission Repair using the courier of their choice. $189 includes BRAND NEW LCD panel, professional labor, and a 1 year warranty.

We continue to offer a myriad of flat-rate screen repair services and free diagnostics for many products. Need another reason to order your Matte MacBook Polycarbonate Screen Repair? Ok, how about $15 off? Just use coupon code “poly” when order the service online now until 7/4/10 at Midnight.

Thanks everyone, have a great Tuesday afternoon!