MacBook Screen Repair – Father’s Day Special(s)!

So I talked to a couple of my MacBook Screen Repair techs, Charley and Phil, and they said to me “we love to be busy, please get some more repairs in here!”

Well, they didn’t really say that, maybe I just imagined it 😉 Just wishful thinking I guess!

Let us fix this Cracked MacBook Screen - on sale until 6/26/10!

Nevertheless, from my perspective I want to bring in an abundance of work. I love it. I love it when my entire operations department is working hard and with our efficient system in place, I want to just “see” how many repairs we can handle. So this brings me to my blowout special of the week. Actually I’m going to make them blowout SPECIALS. Need a good Father’s Day gift idea? How about having his MacBook Screen Repaired at our lowest price to date. Here’s are the specials and coupon codes, just remember that they cannot be combined with any other coupon and these expire on 6/25/10 at midnight:

DEAL #1 – 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair (Glossy version only, I have TOO MANY of these in stock so they gotta go!) Use Coupon Code “DADSDAY” and take $30 off our normal price of $189! Click here to see our 13″ MacBook Screen Repair Service!

DEAL #2 – 15″ Aluminum MacBook Pro LCD Screen Repair (Glossy or Anti-Glare Matte versions) Use Coupon Code “ILOVEDAD” and take $30 off our normal price of $299! Click here for the glossy version. Click here for the matte verison.

There you have it. Have a great weekend and make sure to call your dad. He deserves it!

Talk to you later, Ryan