Phantom iPhone Ring!

Hello world, it’s yet another beautiful day here in Kansas City as the weather is gorgeous and my sod is starting to take root. This is a very good thing after the 14 hours it took me to roll it all out in my yard!!

OK, I think that I’ve discovered another new medical condition. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a psychological or physical affliction (because I’m not a doctor), however let me explain myself. . .I generally keep my iPhone in my right pocket of my cargo shorts. During this time of year, I wear a lot of these comfortable clothes!

I keep my iPhone here during the day!

Additionally, I keep the ringer “off” and the vibrate “on”. This makes the iPhone less obtrusive when I’m on the phone with a dealer or customer, and it notifies me when I have a call so I can make a conscious decision on whether or not to answer a call. On a side note, I typically always keep my iPhone in this “silent” mode even at home, it’s just how I prefer it!

So here’s where the “medical condition” comes in to play. . .once again, in a typical scenario, I feel the “buzzing” against my right leg when the iPhone rings, and then I check my phone.


Recently I have felt the buzzing against my leg, reached down, and noticed that I don’t even have my iPhone in my pocket. It’s either on my desk, on the conference room table, or somewhere else in my vicinity. . .however it’s just not in my pocket. Well, it hasn’t happened only once, it’s kinda like all the time now. I’ll subconsciously “feel” my iPhone buzzing, check it, and it’s not there or it’s there and just not ringing. It’s kinda starting to spook me out a little bit!

I mean, it must be that I’m TOO CONNECTED to my iPhone- and that’s true. I use it for everything. It’s the first thing that I look at in the morning (to turn my alarm off), I work with it ALL DAY, and then keep it with me generally all night, look at it to verify that my alarm is set (I use the pinball sound to wake me up incidentally!) then fall asleep. Now that I sit down to type out this blog, I admit that I’m addicted. I generally don’t have an addictive personality, however I think that I might class my addition more as a “spectacularly convenient way to organize and help my life”. Is this an iPhone promotion blog? Heck no. It’s just the way it is for me.

So, I’d like to name my new Phantom iPhone Ring condition. What sounds best and makes the most sense? “iPhone leg”? “Phantom Feeling”? “False iPhone buzzing”? Heck, I don’t know what sounds appropriate for a definition, I should submit something to Wikipedia. I guess that I’m just worried that I’m alone. . .anyone out there experiencing my condition? I’m not taking it too seriously, I just find it interesting!

Hopefully I’m not crazy 😉 Sorry, gotta run, my leg is buzzing.

UPDATE 6/18/10 – OK, I didn’t discover this. I also didn’t do any research before I blogged about it. It’s already covered in Wikipedia. I thought that I was onto something, but at least it’s not just me!