Mission Repair has partnered with Clear™. Super-fast 4G wireless internet. Get it!

Good morning everyone- we’ve established our relationship with Clear™. What is it? Well if you haven’t heard of Clear™ yet, you will. It’s the next evolution of internet service, and it’s MOBILE 4G internet service. What’s that? Mobile? We like to call it WIMAX.

Yes, MOBILE! With a simple USB card, you can be traveling down the highway downloading up to 6 Mbps. Let’s say you want internet service at your house- just plug in the Clear™ wireless modem into any outlet. It will connect to the 4G network, wirelessly, and then you can plug your computer directly into the modem for blazing 6 Mbps download speeds.

How do they do it? Well our friends at Google have helped finance the nationwide program and are installing 4G towers all over the country at an astounding rate. Kansas City will be live June 1st, 2010.

How much is it? Well, if you take my example above and get one home modem and one USB modem modem, it’s $55 per month with no other useage charges. Want just one device? It’s only $40.

Clear™ offers VOIP phone service as well, and a new 4G cell phone is in the works.

Where can you sign up for all this amazing stuff? Right here at Mission Repair. We are currently setting up local customers with service that will be active on 6/1/10 and we will have our new website up and rolling soon. We will soon be running our entire business off of the Clear™ network. . .yeah we like to save money too.

Mission Repair and Clear™. It’s a perfect partnership.

Talk to you later, Ryan