10% off our service through Memorial Day!

Hello everyone, just as I promised, I’m back with a blowout of a deal- we’ll take 10% off your entire order when you use our Memorial Day Coupon.

How do you get the coupon? You’re going to have to call us. I want to test my new phone system out to see how many calls we can handle 😉 My sales staff is going to love me!

Just give us a call – 1-866-638-8402, during business hours you’ll reach one of our friendly sales people, maybe Chris, Marc, Huck- well, whomever you get just ask for the 10% off coupon. They will give it to you over the phone so you can place your order online, or they will take your order for you and apply that 10% off special on the spot. This coupon is good through 5/31/10 and cannot be combined with any other coupon, however we will take 10% off your ENTIRE order including shipping when you call in and ask for it. That’s it. Just ask. Use it for that pesky broken iPhone glass repair– you’ll be glad to get that taken care of!

Best, Ryan

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