The truth about iPad Screen Repairs!

Hello everyone- with the release of the iPad and all of it’s hype (I still believe that the second rev. will have a camera!) along comes the much needed iPad Repair Services that we provide. As with any new product line, there is a learning curve in regard to service, and Apple has an ingenious way of assembling their devices that makes them difficult to disassemble. Do they do this by design to stump us? Well, we’ve got the iPad figured out.

First, let me tell you it’s going to be difficult to perform iPad repairs at home WITHOUT damaging the back case. The soft aluminum iPad back case is part of the iPad’s beauty. Digging into it to pry the unit open will only leave you with a bunch of tell tale pry marks that you’ll be looking at every time you use your iPad. Maybe you’ll want to resell your iPad in the future. . . I promise that people will be looking at the case or you’ll have to describe “why” it looks like it was opened by a gorilla. Take a closeup look at what I’m talking about:

iPad damage when prying it open.

Damage caused by opening the iPad with a metal tool!

Remember that ANY repair on the iPad will require opening of the unit. Cracked glass, bad LCD, new battery, logic board replacement, WiFi or 3G issues – these will all require disassembly of the iPad and this is where Mission Repair differs from the competition.

THE POINT: We commissioned the design and manufacture of a proprietary system for opening your iPad without damaging the glass or the back case. While it’s not cost effective to order a Pneumavac Extractor for home use, we now have this ability at our Mission Repair Service Center. That’s it, and it’s the starting point to high quality iPad repairs.

One of the keys is suction. You can use a Mighty Puller, however we prefer a more exact pneumatic air suction system to safely “control” the removal. Remember, prying your glass out will only lead to back case damage. Some companies even call out using a metal spudger- Unless you don’t mind causing further damage to your iPad when performing repairs, DON’T PRY ON YOUR IPAD!

Need your unit opened up for you? Not a problem, we can do that here at Mission Repair with our new proprietary Pneumavac Extractor – yup that’s our name for this awesome device. Once you get your glass safely removed, you’re in business. Just know now that it’s going to take some work and patience. . .unless of course you have one of our technicians take care of it for you!

Thanks everyone, talk to you soon.