We’ve got some stitches in the family!

So it was a strange afternoon yesterday as I picked up my son from school- and we stopped by the neighborhood where we’re building a new house. As I was talking to the plumber, I asked Casey to hang around outside while I finished my business. A few minutes later, I find my boy bleeding and needing some medical attention!

I ran him to our local hospital, Olathe Medical Center, and had him stitched up:

He was messing with some wood that had nails in it and ended up tearing his right index finger open pretty badly. Yeah, he’s a righty. I have to admit that he “manned up” and took the emergency room visit very well as he watched the doctor clean and prep the wound, administer the anesthetic, and then tie it up with 4 sutures. I was impressed that it went so well and just about 3 “short” hours later we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to have our little league baseball meeting.

Oh yea, we finished out practices this week and our first game is Friday! Now my starting first baseman is going to be riding the pine due to injury. Time to take another look at the lineup! Casey is going to be out for a couple weeks. Oh well we have a very good “batboy” now for the next 14 days. Good job buddy!

OK, that was the summary of my activities from last night, I’ll be back soon with some more good Mission Repair info and specials.

Best, Ryan