Mission Repair has done it again! It was nothin, really. . .

What did we do? Well do you remember last year when we were awarded the 2009 Gold Award by TopTenReviews.com? You may have seen this banner on our site at some point:

Recently announced, we did it again. We won the 2010 Gold Award from TopTenReviews.com for being the best iPhone Repair site in the country. It’s nice to be judged independently like this. It just makes me feel like my team is doing everything right!! So, just take a peek at our site now, we’ve added the 2010 Gold Award badge and they are starting to stack up on us. It feels pretty good!

Take care, I need to get back to work. With all of the press lately business is really picking up.

Did I hear someone ask where our new iPhone App was? Yup still in the hands of our friends at Apple. Apparently they are inundated by a slew of new Apps submitted for some silly contraption called the iPad 😉 We are about 95% done!

Thanks, I’ll be back soon. Ryan