Mission Repair in the New York Times Today!

Yup, I got a chat from a friend saying that we were in the Times today! Pretty cool- it’s about iPhone repair, and in the article the author calls out Mission Repair touting our mail-order services. In addition, one of our affiliates, 3gcrackedglass.com also got a mention- good job over there guys!

You can read the article here: Mission Repair in the New York Times.

Remember, there’s a reason that we got top billing. Mission Repair received the top Gold Award for the Best iPhone Repair Site by toptenreviews.com, for 2009 AND 2010. That’s all we have to say 😉

Take care everyone. We’re working on our site to accommodate all of our new Protect Me™ Plans that are launching with our exclusive iPhone and iPod Touch App VERY soon!


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