Anyone else getting fingerprints on their iPad?

Hello again everyone- after working with the iPad for a couple of days I’ve noticed tell-tale fingerprints leaving their mark all over my screen. After handing this item around for others in the office to try out, I find myself kinda creeped out by all of the touching and visible fingerprints on the iPad. I mean come on, we’re in an H1N1 scare aren’t we?

Is this thing sanitary?

Think about it. If you ever share your iPhone, are you prone to the typical “wiping” of the iPhone on your shirt to “clean” the screen? I bet you are.

If I ever use anyone elses iPhone, I ALWAYS give it a “courtesy wipe” on my sleeve before I hand it back. Otherwise there will be some definite germ sharing!

How are we going to simply “wipe” the iPad screen clean? Does this seem reasonable??

How to clean an iPad

Well, I don’t have an answer for you yet. I’m working on it. Should the iPad come with some “san-i-pads” or “iPurell” to keep the unit clean? I know that this issue is happening to every iPad owner. What do you think? How do you keep a glass surface clean and free from smudges when it’s meant to be touched. . .everywhere? I’ve found myself loading a movie, then immediately finding a way to clean the screen so it doesn’t distract me. I mean, if you have junk all over your TV you’d clean that too, right? How about the screen on your laptop? I hate it when I get finger smudges on there.

CSI Agents – check the iPad first. All the evidence you’ll ever need is right on the front glass! 😉

I dunno, just thought that I’d give us some food for thought. What do you think?

Best, Ryan at Mission Repair

The new iPad = our newest line of services!

Hello friends- both our blog and website have taken a beating the last few days with all of the traffic to our iPad page. It’s just a popular Apple product!! We have all of our repair services launched. . .iPad Screen Repair, iPad Back Cover Replacement, iPad Home Button Repair – just to name a few!

With the new iPad launched, along comes new services that you’d expect from Mission Repair. NOTE: New iPad Protection Plans will be launched VERY soon! It’s a fantastic part of our business that is really taking off. We hope to see you back here very soon. Oh yeah, I’ve got a new special that I’ll launch later today on one of our top sellers. Check back with me this afternoon!

Take care, Ryan