Kyle’s about to have a baby!

My business partner, Kyle, just sent me a text. . .that he’s at the Olathe Medical Center and his wife’s water broke. This means that he’s gonna be a brand new daddy within the next 24 hours. Just awesome! She’s right on her due date and they arrived at the hospital early this morning. As I understand it, everything seems to be progressing nicely!

It sounds like I’ll be at the hospital counting fingers and toes into the wee hours of the morning. It’s kinda nice being the voice of experience in situations like this, I hope I can help them out with their day! Nicole is VERY ready to have this baby so I’m glad the day is here.

I’ll be back soon with the announcement and vital statistics. If I know Kyle, this kid already has an iPhone waiting for him next to the crib 😉

I’ll be in touch.

Oh, by the way, we are performing a functional test of our iPhone App tomorrow. Crossing our fingers that the revisions and bugs are minimal. I’ll be in touch about this soon, it’s “due date” is also drawing near!

Best, Ryan

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