Repair your iPod Touch Cracked Glass in less than 2 minutes!

Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful day here at Mission Repair. I mean, it’s about -9 degrees outside, but that’s not the beautiful part. I’m just in a great mood today, I got some awesome business news (it’s just good news to me!) and it makes all the hard work so rewarding. So I’m sharing my glee. What’s also rewarding is that we finished our newest video last night and it’s been uploaded to YouTube.

In this video, we’ll show you how to replace the cracked glass in your iPod Touch, Generation 2, or iPod Touch Generation 3 (8GB only!) without having to scrape glass and we also show you how to replace the cracked glass in less than 2 minutes! That’s right. Give it a shot, but remember, that this is for the “mechanically inclined” or “tech savvy” customer. Of course we still perform these repairs as a full-service option, but now we also show you how it can be done from the comfort of your own home or shop. Remember, Mission Repair takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for damage that is caused by this. . .it’s for informational purposes only!

Thanks, if you need your very own iPod Touch Glass Assembly, click the link. If you prefer to have the professionals do it for you, get your iPod Touch Glass Repair started here.

Take care, talk to you soon!! Ryan