iPhone 2G Repair Testimonial. I just had to post it.

Hello loyal blog readers – if you’re experiencing slow blog response times – I apologize. We’re getting a blast of traffic and things should be back to normal soon. On a daily basis we receive emails from satisfied customers and I typically add them to our customer testimonials page, however this one in particular hit me pretty well so I’ve decided to post it up. I can sincerely appreciate the time and effort that it took to even write about his experience let alone give us the full details on how he came to the decision to use us here at Mission Repair. Let’s get to it:

A note of gratitude for the EXCELLENT workmanship & process that Mission Repair has provided & instituted w/regards to my repair service order #44588.

My iPhone 2G required immediate repair service & not knowing where to turn, I did what most of the world does google. I couldn’t believe that living on the east coast (New York Tri-state area) that no reputable walk-in/mail-in repair service existed locally.

With the new iPhone announcement/deployment just months away I really didn’t want to use my available upgrade for the existing iPhone 3GS platform even though everyone I talked to stated that that was the most economical & most likely route most folks would take, so it came down to:

Keep existing cracked/destroyed iPhone 2G w/its hopeless looking screen.
Go back to my back-up Palm Treo for six (6) months.
Or attempt a repair.

And that’s where I begin, I came across Mission Repair service via an article about one of your competitors XXXXXX (From Ryan: we will name the competitor XXXXXX – we are not in the business of calling out the competiton!). XXXXXX was recently featured in a write-up. . . After reviewing the article & checking out their web-site & determining the service repair process along w/fees, etc., I was ready to contract w/them for the repair. But then I had the great fortune of stumbling across the TopTenReview article on iPhone Repair Service.

After reviewing the article & all of the web sites I was no longer sure that XXXXXX would be my best selection, eventually it was narrowed down between XXXXXX & Mission Repair. The ranking/rating between XXXXXX & Mission Repair were ever so close & they both provide valuable services like shipping, community, security & customer service.

But there were two words in the ratings that held up my decision, & I must’ve read them a hundred times & I kept coming back to the ranking/rating comparisons between Mission Repair & XXXXXX. What was it? Well read for yourself – “Mission Repair SHINES in the burgeoning sea of business specializing in iPhone & iPod repair service, vs XXXXXX is ANOTHER leader in the iPhone repair services industry.”

So I waited till Monday morning w/questions & pricing in hand I decided to see for myself if the rankings/ratings & those two little words would differentiate between the two. I called XXXXXX first since their pricing was a tad cheaper + I found a discount coupon to use as well. While the young lady was knowledgeable she seemed like why was I bothering calling if I had all the information from the web site & had read the articles/ratings. They were like any ANOTHER leading company. Being from the east coast I just put it off as their way of I being ANOTHER early Monday morning customer call, so I next tried Mission Repair.

Well just as the TopTenReview article on iPhone Repair Service states Mission Repair was true to the word they “SHINE”.

I was treated as a customer s/b, with an energetic feel for yes we want your business, yes we will do everything right & treat you as a valuable commodity. And on top of that we will meet/beat the competitions price, that attitude made Mission Repair a no brainier to select at least for me.

So got off the phone retrieved credit card & placed the order Monday, morning January 11 @10:19 AM a few minutes after hanging up w/Mission Repair not only for the repair service but also added a battery replacement (since iPhone is 2+ years), along w/their 3 Way Mission Repair Kit delivery service.

At 11:25 AM first correspondence via email, acknowledgment of order recently placed & add’l information concerning shipment. At 11:30 AM an add’l email providing information on preparing phone for shipment (i.e., SIM Card, accessories removals, instructions concerning 3 Way Box Service Shipping).

Next day Tuesday, January 12 @2:01 PM FedEx box arrives, a swift review of contents & a faster placement of iPhone in its required space & the required Handheld Work Order, ensuring tape eclosure secures box & voila off to FedEx drop location. Less than an hour later 2:48 PM box in FedEx hands w/an estimated Wednesday, January 13 delivery ~3 PM to Mission Repair Headquarters Olathe, KS.

Again smooth as silk, repair box arrives in Olathe, KS Mission Repair Wednesday, January 13 @8:35 AM.

At 10:12 AM received email from Mission Repair confirming shipment received , type of repair requested plus add’l service requested & that technicians will soon begin repairing the unit. Again was this just a dream it was just so easy & smooth. Everything was going exactly as they stated it would.

Oh well now for the the hard part – waiting. Well the wait wasn’t long.

I received an email @2:49 PM telling me that the repair service had been completed, the unit was tested & shipment on its way back to me w/a FedEx tracking link to track the order.

I logged on to their web site to check the order & sure enough it had a tracking# that depicted it was on its way back to me. The My Account on their web site is meticulous w/information concerning the order, tracking & repair complete w/employee initials as to who received/inventoried & who repaired/tested the items prior to return shipment.

So now for the next phase. When will it arrive?

Less than 24 hours later Thursday, January 14 @11:12 AM my iPhone arrives with the digitizer/LCD Screen repaired & looking just GR8. I can’t begin to say how thrilled & smooth the entire episode unfolded except of course why I needed your service in the first place.

My first & only experience was just unbelievable, easy, & smooth as silk the best stress free 96 hours I have ever encountered. The whole process is just as the Mission Repair Promotional Video states on your web easy stress free!

Mission Repair has a spot in my iPhone Contact list, complete w/logo, & since I know that I will return as a REPEAT SATISFIED customer because w/have two add’l iPhones (i.e., one 2G & one 3G) in our Family Plan. In fact I have kept the Mission Repair shipping kit & have stored it in a safe place, I just hope that the service that I’ll need will be for battery replacement & not for any crack screens.

But be assured that if it turns out to be the latter I know that we are in good hands that “OUT SHINES” the competition.

Ryan you & your team are awesome!

Hector C.


Well there you have it. Thanks for the email Hector, you’re our hero. I have you in my speed dial as well.


One thought on “iPhone 2G Repair Testimonial. I just had to post it.

  1. Mission Repair fixed my water-damaged iPhone 3G in Spring 2009. Great service and turn around. They were honest with me, even when it meant making it less expensive for me!

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