The unbreakable MacBook Unibody Glass! Only at Mission Repair.

OK, “unbreakable” may be stretching it, but take a look for yourself:

Our Unibody MacBook Glass is the highest quality available – don’t be fooled as there are many different “copycats” out there looking to get into the MacBook Unibody Glass Repair market. We got to thinking- should we show one of the weaknesses of the “other” glass that’s out there? I thought we should. Is our latest YouTube Video technically perfect? Nope. But it was fun. And we got to destroy something! Check it out and decide for yourself…and the next time you need a MacBook Unibody Glass Repair think of Mission Repair first!

I’m heading to lunch. . .see ya later. Ryan

New iPhone Repair Video Released!

Hello again everyone, we have released our newest video to assist you with installing one of our awesome iPhone 3GS Dock Port Assemblies. This is the part that you’ll need if you’ve gotten your dock port wet, bent your pins on the charging port, or if you’re just having problems with your iPhone 3GS charging. Before you install this part, make sure that you watch our newest YouTube Video for professional advice and instructions!

If you’re still not satisfied performing this repair on your own, of course we can take care of it for you as we offer a flat-rate service for iPhone 3GS dock port repair here.

Thanks and have a good YouTube experience!

Best, Ryan

Lower Price on Blackberry Storm Screen Repair!

Oh yeah, we just received better pricing on our BlackBerry parts- so we’re starting by dropping our BlackBerry Storm Screen Repair Service to a new low price of only $149 installed-

This is a new savings to you on a popular service for your BlackBerry – from the service professionals here at Mission Repair.

Thanks, I’ll be back soon with a new iPhone Repair video that we are finishing up. See you again soon!


5th Gen Nano Cracked Glass Repair- Sale!

Hello everyone- it’s been quite a week. I feel like I haven’t gotten my week’s worth of work done so I think that I’ll be spending a few hours down here at the office this weekend tying up a few loose ends. It’s just part of the job, you know?

Before we adjourn for the weekend I wanted to post up a new special! We have dropped the price of our 5th Gen Nano front glass repair to just $29 installed. That’s the lowest price to date and we’ll be running this special for the next couple of weeks until the end of February 2010- no coupon necessary! Just check out our iPod Nano Glass Repair and see for yourself – and also save a few bucks. . .from your friends at Mission Repair!

Have a great weekend and be safe- we’ll see ya back here on Monday!

Best, Ryan

SALE: iPod Touch Gen 2 Glass Assemblies in stock!

Hello all- we have not just the glass, but the entire assembly for the iPod Touch, Gen 2. If you didn’t already watch our YouTube video on how to install one of these on your broken iPod Touch, then you don’t know just how easy this part is to use. Trust us, we’ve installed thousands of parts, (we have a whole business doing so!) and our new iPod Touch assemblies that include the frame, home button assembly, and new glass/digitizer are very easy to install.

Trust me, this is the way to go.

I just wanted to let you know that we’re running a special on the iPod Touch Gen 2 Glass/Frame Assembly– now just $64 until 2/28/10. Normal price of $79 will return, so get yours on order asap to capitalize on this great deal. Just use coupon code “EASYFIX” when checking out online to receive your discount!

Thanks, gotta get back to the phones, they are blowing up today.

Take care, Ryan