Nostradamus like 4th Gen iPhone prediction. Unreleased iPhone features revealed!

Hello again everyone- I was just having a planning meeting here at Mission Repair today and we talked about what features the next revision of the iPhone will have. We’re talking about the 4th Generation iPhone, and you KNOW that there will be some great changes! Let me just set the record straight – I believe that I have my finger on the pulse of the market – and you can come back to this blog in a few months to see if I was right. Here are my top 3 predictions for the new iPhone to be released in 2010:

1. Front mounted iPhone camera. Yes, the camera will be on the same side as the screen so you can take a picture of yourself!

2. HD Screen. Yup, it’s time that Apple steps up the screen quality and gives us true HD quality.

3. The glass/digitizer/LCD will be an assembly (not separate) just like the Original iPhone. This is kind of a nightmare for repair centers like us, but I believe that Apple had too many “dust” issues with their 3G and 3GS designs. We talked a lot about the Original iPhone LCD Screen here.

OK, that’s it for now. Just log it into your mental file. When the new iPhone comes out, remember that Ryan told you so 😉

That’s my Nostradamus-like prediction for the new iPhone. Hey can we get turn-by-turn voice GPS now too and get rid of this chrome bezel? Thanks Apple!

Take care, Ryan