Blue Angels and Mission Repair working together!

Good morning! It’s a decent day here in Kansas City and I walked into some great news.

Every day we receive new testimonials from satisfied customers. It’s just unbelievable. Every once in a while I like to post them here on our blog. . .in my most recent example, we repaired a MacBook Pro for LT Amy Tomlinson, US Navy. Oh yeah, she’s also a Blue Angel. Being a pilot myself, I have HUGE respect for the talent of the Blue Angels, not to mention the unbelievable presence that they command. After working on LT Tomlinson’s 15″ MacBook Pro Screen, we received this letter from her and a signed/laminated picture of the Blue Angels in flight:


Dear Mission Repair,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I tried to close the canopy of the Blue Angel #7 Jet (a two-seat F/A-18 Hornet) and it just would not shut…I knew something was wrong. When I climbed up to see what was in the way, it turned out to be my 2007 MacBook Pro! Yikes! I love my computer and now it was damaged…badly, let’s just say the canopy won!!

Not sure who to turn to or what the prognosis would be, I was told to call Mission Repair, so I did.

Your staff was so professional and timely. I could not be happier with the repair work, and my beloved computer is looking great and working 100%! Thank you all so much for your excellent customer service, talented personnel, quick update and timely turnaround! I would recommend your services to anyone looking! Thanks a ton!

Very Respectfully,

LT Amy Tomlinson
Blue Angel #8, US Navy


If you know anything about the Blue Angels (or the military in general for that matter!) they are disciplined, regimented, proper and always follow through. Getting this kind of praise from a LT in the US Navy just makes me very proud of our business and the job we are doing for our customers. It’s why we’re here.

Thanks for your readership, Ryan