New phone system installed!

Hello friends- it was a late night here at Mission Repair – as we just upgraded our telephone system. The number of calls, especially since we added our exclusive MPG iPhone Protection Plans (like insurance for your iPhone) we just needed to make the upgrade!

I know it sounds simple or like basic business, but our new phone system is fantastic. It can handle several questions before you even need to speak to a live customer service representative. Of course, you can always get a live customer service rep on the phone during normal business hours, that’s never a question. However our system will now queue up the calls and give you an approximate hold time and position in line, if a line ever mounts up. What does all of this mean for you?

It’s a more efficient Mission Repair and a better customer experience. Period. That’s why we do it.

Try it out! Give us a call at 1-866-638-8402.

Take care, Ryan

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