New employee Avatars on the website to help your iPhone Repair!

Hello again, I’ve just been working the blogs hard today. . .I wanted to reach out and let you know that we added a cool new feature to our website to help make your customer experience more enjoyable. Keep your eyes out for avatars of our employees (including myself, of course):

Here’s my avatar on our about us page!

When you see these avatars on a specific page, it means that the page has been sponsored by that individual employee. Also, you have the opportunity to click a button and email that employee directly for expert advice, questions or ordering information. Cool? Yup! Need help with that 3GS iPhone Glass Repair? Just email Phil! Have a question about that 13″ Unibody Glass Repair? Just email Charley! Avatar like these are all over the website.

It’s just too easy.

OK, heading back to the trenches, talk to you again soon, maybe even again today!

Thanks, Ryan

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