New Mission Repair homepage look coming soon!

Hello again! I just finished a meeting with our Webmaster, Marc, and he’s finishing his newest project – redesigning our Homepage at Mission Repair. With a few tweaks and additions, we think that you’re going to be able to find your repairs faster and navigate our website even easier than before. Why the change? It’s because you asked for it. At no point do we want to confuse or lose customers due to website design!

Stay tuned for an updated look. Marc, I suggest you close your door, put your phone on “mute” and focus on the job. It’s gonna be great! New homepage coming soon! (Shooting for Friday of this week!)

See ya, Ryan

$15 off MacBook LCD Screen Repairs- They are flowing at Mission Repair!

Hey there world! There’s been some talk in the industry that the 13″ Black and White MacBook LCD Screens are END OF LIFE. This means that soon – well sometime in the near future – we may no longer be able to obtain these precious screens for repairs.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your MacBook Screen Repair started, now is the time to do it. We’ll be running a $15 off special for either the stock GLOSSY SCREEN or the optional MATTE SCREEN until the end of February, 2010. Just use COUPON CODE “MACBOOK” and we’ll take $15 off that Screen Repair. Remember, if these screens become rare, the price on this repair will skyrocket. We’ve seen it happen before, trust me!

OK, I’ll talk to you again soon!