Our Company Christmas Party is coming!

Well, it’s that time of the year again (I seem to say that every year, don’t I?) and we have our company Christmas Party all set up for Dave and Buster’s in Kansas City for next Wednesday.

That’s right. . . we’re open Wednesday (we’ll probably get out of the office a little early that day but don’t tell my employees just yet!) and head home to get cleaned up. I mean, I want my techs to wash the “iPhone” and “iPod” off their hands before they come to dinner. Everyone gets to grab their spouse and head up to the party room we have reserved. The nice thing about doing it next Wednesday is that we chose to close the business Thursday of this year (Christmas Eve) so everyone can let loose and stay out late if they so choose.

We have an unbelievable number of people attending this year and my Secret Santa game will be very fun with this large of a group. I always enjoy the Secret Santa game (it’s kinda “my” thing) and I have a whole truckload of cool gifts (well there are a couple of gag gifts in there) and everyone leaves a winner 😉

I like Dave and Buster’s because we always opt to do the “Company Challenge” where we pair off into teams and judges keep score as we perform events. If keeps everyone in competition and excited.

Well, I promise to post some pics. I know you want to see my at the SkeeBall machine so I’ll make sure and pic out some “winners”. We’ll be on a short week next week just so you are aware. Mission Repair will be closed Thursday and Friday so we can recover from our Christmas party, and then spend time with our families for a long weekend.

Thanks for checking us out! Ryan

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