2 new employees at Mission Repair!

Well hello there everyone and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday! I know that we are having a good day already- we’re really rockin over here at Mission Repair. We just hired 2 new employees… Jacob (email him here) and Darren (email him here), to help out in our tech department. Business has really exploded and we just need the help to keep our customer satisfaction up – it’s plain and simple. We are still on the lookout for several new technicians and we’d love to interview anyone interested in a technical position. Just send your resume to “jobs@missionrepair.com” for more information!

OK, I’m back into the groove after my weekend off – however now it’s going to snow here in Kansas City tomorrow night. It certainly feels like it’s gonna be a snow day for my kids, but rest assured that we’ll be right here trucking along at good old Mission Repair. Thanks for all of your support!!

Best, Ryan

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