Pics as promised and 10% off your Mission Repair order!

Hello there, we’re in the post Christmas “slam” here at Mission Repair and we’re trying to wrap up the year in record-breaking fashion. My portable technicians are really sweating it out today as it appears that we’ve received a record number of laptops in for repair today. I just went out to our receiving department and there’s still a mountain that we’re checking in. Don’t worry folks, we’ll get them all done!

As I promised, I’m posting a few pictures of our company Christmas party that we held at Dave and Busters here in Kansas City. Food line was awesome as usual:

The games were intense. We had a competition for the group and we split up into 5 teams. Here’s a shot of the action:

We also had a Secret Santa give-away. Somehow I ended up with a 2010 calendar titled “Studs N Spurs”. I just want to let you know that I probably won’t be hanging this in my office: 😉

We had a great night, it was really nice to see everyone in their natural state (i.e. not working on iPods and iPhones and Mac Laptops). We had a lot of activities and all-in-all it was a great and very successful company function. If you get one of us on the telephone, just ask about the Christmas party. If you do, we’ll give you 10% off your next order. If you’d like to place your order online, just use coupon code “studs” and we’ll take 10% off your order. This offer is valid through midnight 12/31/09 and is not valid with any other coupon code. . .use for your iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, or any other repair on our website!

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with more specials!!


Our Company Christmas Party is coming!

Well, it’s that time of the year again (I seem to say that every year, don’t I?) and we have our company Christmas Party all set up for Dave and Buster’s in Kansas City for next Wednesday.

That’s right. . . we’re open Wednesday (we’ll probably get out of the office a little early that day but don’t tell my employees just yet!) and head home to get cleaned up. I mean, I want my techs to wash the “iPhone” and “iPod” off their hands before they come to dinner. Everyone gets to grab their spouse and head up to the party room we have reserved. The nice thing about doing it next Wednesday is that we chose to close the business Thursday of this year (Christmas Eve) so everyone can let loose and stay out late if they so choose.

We have an unbelievable number of people attending this year and my Secret Santa game will be very fun with this large of a group. I always enjoy the Secret Santa game (it’s kinda “my” thing) and I have a whole truckload of cool gifts (well there are a couple of gag gifts in there) and everyone leaves a winner 😉

I like Dave and Buster’s because we always opt to do the “Company Challenge” where we pair off into teams and judges keep score as we perform events. If keeps everyone in competition and excited.

Well, I promise to post some pics. I know you want to see my at the SkeeBall machine so I’ll make sure and pic out some “winners”. We’ll be on a short week next week just so you are aware. Mission Repair will be closed Thursday and Friday so we can recover from our Christmas party, and then spend time with our families for a long weekend.

Thanks for checking us out! Ryan

iPhone Screen Protectors now at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone! We now offer high-quality iPhone glass protectors. The installation is demonstrated in our newest YouTube video and the application is a snap.

We recently launched an iPhone Protection Plan, and we are installing these glass protectors onto iPhones as part of the plan. We decided to add these quality glass-covers to our accessory store, and they are well worth the money. In less than a minute, you can have one of our screen protectors installed, and you’re safe from scratches that can occur as everyday wear and tear. One of these is a MUST for your brand new iPhone.

Mission Repair can service your device within 24 hours and are the best in the business with exceptional customer service and professional technicians on staff to handle most Apple repair needs. Have a busted iPod? Need and iPhone repaired? Have a sick Mac? Mission Repair is here to save the day.

Thanks everyone enjoy the new video, it’s short and sweet. Oh yeah, and Andrew did a great job!

Take care, Ryan

iPhone Protection Plans Announced at Mission Repair!

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen. We’ve announced the ONLY service of it’s kind. From your trusted service group at Mission Repair and developed with our partners at MobileMotive. . .we launch our unique MPG program that extends service coverage on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) for up to 2 years, and screen breakage is included!

That’s right, you now have an option to have screen breakage covered by our MPG Protection Plan. Want to know more? I bet you do. . .just view the details on our website here about Mission Repair’s MPG’s Program, and get Peace of Mind. It will be hitting press and the newsletter tomorrow, so you heard it here first.

Well, you probably heard it first on They beat me to the punch!

OK, enough for tonight, I have a few more items to finish before I head to grab a bite to eat. Take care, let me know what you think!!

Best, Ryan

Another satisfied customer-

Hello again out there- How’s your weather?

We are at about 9 degrees this morning. Kinda chilly. My daughter tried to start her car and guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, dead battery this morning. It’s kinda like you need to prepare for car issues every winter around here and we are just now getting hit. Looks like I’ll be installing a new battery tonight! Hopefully it’ll get up to “double digit degrees” so my hands will continue to operate 😉

I needed to shoot you a link over to the “Media and the Message” blog, it was a great read this morning. Here’s an excerpt:

“I called Mission: Repair, and they said that they could do the repair for $350, plus about another $50 to do it while I waited. They told me how to get there from the Apple Store in Lenexa (I was still sitting in the parking lot), and I drove over there, and they fixed it right there and then. It took a while–more than an hour–which didn’t surprise me a bit, after I saw the repair videos. The total bill, with tax, was $413.38, about a third of what Apple wanted to charge me, and done in a few hours instead of a few days. I’m typing this on my repaired machine, about 18 hours after my laptop crashed to my floor.”

Yeah, we are always looking for customer testimonials, and this customer was kind enough to blog about us. Hey, it’s just everyday business here at Mission Repair, and we love it!

OK, we’ve got a HUGE new program launching this afternoon. Stay tuned for further details!!

Best, Ryan