Our 3-way shipping kit. It’s the answer to your iPhone Repair question!

Hello there, can you smell the turkey cooking yet? Well, I can. In my mind. Yummy! We’re having a Thanksgiving feast here at Mission Repair tomorrow (Wednesday) before Thanksgiving. I was going to roast a turkey in our new kitchen but turkey twice in a row didn’t sound right. Instead, I’m going to be slow-cooking a brown sugar glazed ham for a few hours then making ham sandwiches for our group. I’ll be sure and post a picture or two tomorrow!

If you’re in the area, please stop by and grab one of my sandwiches. It’s no problem!

We just finished our 3-way shipping kit page on our site and it looks pretty good. I added my “car crush” video and now we’ve got a great way to market our exclusive 3-way shipping kit. It’s a one of a kind and you get one with your iPod, iPhone or Cell Phone repair when you use us here at Mission Repair. It’s just plain cool!

Hey, we’ll back back tomorrow with some lunchroom pics! See ya.

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