Price Cut on iPhone 3G S Glass Repair!

Hello friends, we are about to unleash the mother-of-all-repair programs here at Mission Repair. I want to tell you all about it, but we must first make sure that we’ve got all the bases covered, lawyers approvals, and calls to action in place. It’s exciting, cutting edge, and the first of it’s kind. Please stay in touch as we will be launching it this week!

In the mean time, we’ve revisited some of our pricing – we’re consistently buying larger and larger quantities of products which means that our cost on parts consistently goes down on our core services. So today we are happy to announce a price drop on the iPhone 3GS Glass and Digitizer Repair and it’s now only $104! This is a new part, professional labor and 1 year warranty. . .all included in the price.

So, I’m going to get back to work and get this new program on the ball. I’ll be back in a day or two!

Thanks, Ryan