Move update: it’s getting close and 10% off your repair!

Hello again! We are getting very close the “the big day”. The big day is tomorrow, by the way. We are almost done prepping and we’re putting the finishing touches on the new building today. Conference room is set up, the cubicles are installed and leveled and the tech benches have light, compressed air and flat panel monitors hanging on the walls. I’m VERY excited to get into our new space, it’s going to be spectacular!

Once again, we’ll be closing down a couple of hours early tomorrow at 3:00pm. . .this is when the T1 lines are cut over to the new building. . .and when we all move over to the new building. We’ll be back in business 100% Monday morning!!

OK, so you have been asking for a special. So here you go:

10% off any product or repair service! This includes iPods for sale, any iPod repair or iPhone repair, just use coupon code “BIGDAY” when you checkout online or when you call in to place an order. This coupon is good ONLY this weekend, and will expire at midnight Sunday 10/18/09 so get your order placed asap. The coupon is will not work in conjunction with any other coupon. . .

Thanks again and wish us luck!!!