Mission Repair is on the move – scheduled for October 16th, 2009!!

Hello all and good morning!

We are DEEP in our move here at Mission Repair. We are upgrading our space to bring you even better iPod Repair and iPhone Repair results! The new building is getting carpet today in the offices and the new breakroom (ver. 2.0!) – this is excellent progress. . .The network lines are run, the tech benches are installed in the tech room and our services are starting to turn up. We are on track to make the move from 19953 West 162nd Street to 19941 West 162nd Street (I know, it’s just a couple of addresses down from us!!!) on Friday afternoon. We will be closing slightly early on Friday 10/16/09 at approximately 3:00pm and we will reopen on Monday 10/19/09 at the usual time. This is a huge deal for us and we’re trying to make the move as painless as possible for everyone involved!!

We have greatly expanded our office space and conference area as well as added a HUGE tech room to make for our expanding business. Last but not least, we have added a 700 sq. ft. breakroom with a full kitchen, flat panel TV and a few other surprises that we are saving to unveil. It’s all for the employees here at Mission Repair that are the heartbeat of the business. When you talk to them you’ll know what I mean. They all take pride in what they do and the business is rewarding the employees with some workplace lifestyle upgrades!

OK, many pictures are coming soon and if you’re local send me an email here – I’ll be sure to send you an invite to our open house building party coming in November!

Talk to you soon. . .Ryan

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