BBQ Luncheon here at Mission Repair today!

Well, this is not a formal invitation but. . .

We DO have some leftovers! Here’s a picture of Phil (left) and Austin (right) gettin’ down on some BBQ lunch munchies here at Mission Repair.


We took a break today and had the world famous Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ here in Olathe bring in 10 lbs of smoked meats. Of course we had the usual sides: potato salad, BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, rolls, and bottles of BBQ sauce!! It was so much food we have plenty of leftovers for our Saturday work tomorrow.

As you may or may not know, we are totally submersed in moving our business. We are making some major buildouts in our new space and they are almost done! The contactors have been working around the clock to get us ready to move in next week. Once they are done we can start moving some of the supplies and equipment, with all of the employees to move in on October 16th. Yup, October 16th is a critical day for us!

What this move will do for us is provide us with much more working space for our technicians and customers. This is a welcome change for all of us here and our working lifestyle is going to be much improved. Wait until you see our new breakroom. Yeah, it’s going to be NICE! We will certainly be posting a photo gallery of the new building soon. Stay in touch!!

Best, Ryan

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