Mission Repair’s new partnership with Incase!!

Mission Repair has signed the agreement to become Incase’s (http://www.goincase.com/) newest reseller. Incase provides top quality iPhone and other electronics protection via cases and sleeves. We now stock many of Incase’s products and will have the full line in house shortly. Current Incase offerings are now published to our website!


We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all Incase products!

We are thrilled to have become and approved Incase vendor and I am personally blown away by the quality of their products. The leading iPhone Repair Company partnering with the leading iPhone Protection company is a perfect match and we are happy to have begun this long term relationship with them.

Check out our Incase offerings and remember that shipping is FREE!!

Take care, Ryan

New building is fully occupied!

Whew. . .we are 100% out of our old building and into the new. . .and what a spectacular difference this new space has made! We are not nearly as cramped and we have room to maneuver our staff around without being elbow to elbow. The new “Breakroom 2.0″ is almost completed with full service kitchen, ping pong, 52” flat panel TV with direct TV and xBox 360, foosball and all of the other “necessary” ammenities will be done in the next week or two. We are all very excited for it.

Here’s a shot of Kyle and I “conferencing” at our new conference room table this morning. . .it’s great to have a place to meet throughout the day:


The expanded phone system is working great and we are rockin here at good ol’ Mission Repair on this fine Monday morning. More pics coming very soon, and we’ll be back shortly with some cool Incase specials. Oh yeah, did I mention that we are now a reseller of Incase products? Yeah, that’s pretty cool too!

OK, back to work. (That means me). I’ll be back in touch shortly. . .Ryan

1.21 Gigawatts at lunch today!

Yes, I went out for Mexican food today at one of my favorite restaurants, Chapalas. Awesome cheese dip and salsa. Yummy!

I pulled around the building looking for a parking space and what appeared before my eyes? Doc. Brown’s time machine. Yup, it was there and just arrived back from 1985!

Licence plate "88MPH"

License plate = 88MPH

The kinda strange and ironic part about it is, that, I just bought the movie “Back to the Future” and watched it with my son Casey (this was BEFORE we went the the Renaissance festival!) this weekend. He’s 12 and it was his first time seeing it. I don’t know how I’ve managed to go 12 years without seeing the movie with him but now he’s hooked!! We will most certainly look on eBay for a used copy of the second and third versions soon. He loved it as I do.

My partner, Kyle, checking out the time machine.

My partner, Kyle, checking out the time machine.

I thought that the pics were worth a quick blog. Good luck Marty!


KCTV 5 here in Kansas City + Mission Repair = Savings for you!

Hello there everyone –

We are proud to have been invited to participate in our very own KCTV 5 news rewards program here in Kansas City.


What this means is you can earn KC Rewards points good toward Mission Repairs services or products. That’s right, just watch the morning news (as I do every morning, it’s on my bedroom TV) and listen for the word of the day! Here are some marketing points:

* It’s free
* Earn points while you shop
* It’s easy
* Redeem points for unique prizes
* Earn points while you watch TV

So watch a little KC news in the morning and keep your ears open for Mission Repair to be announced! Thanks and have fun!!


Hear ye, hear ye…KC Renaissance Festival was in town!

Ah yes, who doesn’t like to watch live jousting while eating a smoked turkey leg? I took my kids to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival yesterday and we did just that!! This was my very FIRST Renaissance Festival. . .and what an experience. This gathering in Kansas City is absolutely HUGE and it took several hours just to make an attempt to see it all. We stopped at many booths and shot arrows, went through a giant maze, and even tried to “ring the bell”. You know, a “strongman” competition. Here’s my son Casey taking a try:


Admittedly, I also tried, but failed. I was about a foot short of the bell, and I feel somewhat accomplished, but I’m feeling a little strained this morning. Yup I have a little bit of a sore back and shoulders. OK, well now I know that I need to stretch a little bit before I go out and toss around a very large hammer in public 😉

OK, we are in the NEW building here at Mission Repair! Our move went smoothly. Almost too easy. We are in, the T1 lines are installed, the phones are ringing, and we are in business just as planned. It’s not always something so complicated in life goes so well. . .I will count my blessings! The building is beautiful and accommodating, I can’t wait to put on the finishing touches.

OK, so lets give you a special: 13″ MacBook (Black or White) Glossy LCD Screen Repair Blog Special. Normal price: $189 installed, for this week you can take off $20 to bring the installed price down to just $169! New screens, 1 year warranty, professional 24 hour installation. It can’t be beat! Just use coupon code “RENFEST” during your online checkout and you’ll get the discount. This coupon code expires on 10/25/09.

Fare thee well,