The Mission Repair Newsletter is LIVE!

Well hello there internet! We are swamped. . .whew! We just put the finishing touches on our first ever Mission Repair newsletter. Yup, we have joined the newsletter age here at Mission Repair and we are excited to send it out to our initial 11,000 subscribers! Thanks to everyone for their patience but the wait is now over. It’s going to be a great way to get good deals on *hint* MacBook LCD Screen Repairs and 160GB iPod Classic. How good of a deal? Just subscribe quickly to find out!

If you’re interested, you can sign up here!

If you’re like me and you love good deals, check your email inbox after you subscribe and we’ll get you some super-special deals that only newsletter subscribers receive. It’s just a special thing!

Ok all, I’ll be talking to you again soon, have a great weekend.


2 new employees and an extra $20 off your iPod Touch Rev. 2 Digitizer Repair!

Well hello there!

We have 2 new employees start at Mission Repair today and I just wanted to make an announcement to welcome them to our team. Lionel Smith (email and Austin Moss (email

Lionel is a crafty veteran in the Apple business. He’s a long time Apple lover and an experienced inside/outside sales person. We are definitely looking forward to him cultivating our dealer program, and moving forward our dealers will receive the kind of attention they deserve with Lionel at the helm of that program!

Austin is going to be a hustler and will run our shipping and receiving department, fulfilling orders and providing that “out of the box” experience that our customers demand. Phil, our current shipping clerk, just can’t keep up with the flow of business so Austin will provide much needed relief in the department!

These guys make me feel excited about the growth and expansion of our business. . .they are welcome additions and we look forward to a long fruitful relationship!

In their honor, we are offering $20 off your iPod Rev. 2 Glass/Digitizer Repair, now through September 30th, 2009. Just use coupon code “NEWHIRE” when placing your order online to receive your $20 credit. This coupon will not work in conjunction with any other coupons!

Thanks for reading, we’re on the move! Talk to you soon. . .Ryan

New iPhone Repair Shipping Kit Video!

Hello all, yeah, this video is a little crazy. But it’s fun. . .I wasn’t nervous at all! Check it out, it’s a simple demonstration of the durability of our 3 way shipping kit. How did I test this you might ask? Well I ran over my iPhone with my car! Just awesome!

It’s just a good testament for our 3 way shipping kit. PLEASE don’t send us your repairs in envelopes, they just get damaged further! OK, that’s all for now, talk to you soon!!


Nickelback gives you 5% off your iPod or iPhone Repair!

Hello all, long time no bloggy- I’ve been over my head lately. We are planning on moving our business which is exciting yet overwhelming. We are just too cramped in our current space, and with the addition of 3 new employees this week, it pretty much leaves standing room only.

Speaking of standing room only, I went to see Nickelback in concert. . .they were just awesome! They played all the popular tunes with the bands “Saving Able”, “Hinder” and “Papa Roach” as openers. It was an awesome night of loud music and fun!!


So in honor of my concert attendance, we are giving 5% off your entire order with us at Mission Repair (whether you need an iPod, iPhone or other electronic repair) when you use coupon code “NICKEL”. Basically, for every dollar you spend with us here at Mission Repair, we’ll give you a nickel back. I know, it’s cheesy, but it’s true! This coupon won’t last forever, it expires at Midnight on 10/2/09 and doesn’t work with any other coupons. . .

Thanks again for reading, we’ll keep you updated on our move!

Take care, Ryan