VirtualBox is working great! If you just gotta run Windows and Linux on your Mac.

Hello again everyone. . .

Our Technologists had the opportunity to test out the latest release of VirtualBox, available at So far we’ve been impressed with the ease of use and quick response of this product. It is definitely a viable option for those Mac users who need to work with Windows and other operating systems. The program was simple to install and configure.


Controls and settings were basic but straightforward and functional. Installing Windows took a bit longer to complete, and the typical updates added more time to the installation. In the end, however, the results were above expectations and we would highly recommend this solution should you need a good Windows or Linux emulator.

One possible limitation of working in a split Windows – MacOS X environment is the need for more hard drive space. Fortunately, our 500 gb hard drive upgrade service for MacBook & MacBook Pro is a good solution to giving laptop users the hard drive space they need for software and files of both OS formats. Also, users would benefit from beefing up their RAM with a service like our 2gb MacBook Module Install to optimize performance.

OK, just thought I’d report our newest findings. This is cool stuff, trust me! See ya, Ryan

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