New iMac G5 Power Supply Serivce Announced!

Hello everyone- Did you have a good 4th of July weekend? I did. Remind me someday to tell you about my weekend, I saw the best fireworks ever. Look up Wamego, Kansas and trust me, they were awesome. I’ve seen fireworks in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and many other spectacular places. . .and they were all good. . .but Wamego’s were ultra impressive.


Moving on, we just launched our newest repair service for the iMac G5 and older white Intel iMac’s.

We are providing a brand new service to repair iMac desktops with ailing power supplies. Whether you have an early G5 or one of the blazing fast Intel models, they are here to fix those power supply problems. The iMac Power Supply Replacement Service is being launched at an astonishingly low $219 which includes parts and professional installation labor. Ambient Light Sensor models are also just $219 installed. A 90 day parts and labor warranty is included in that price!

OK, now I have to run home and get my G5 iMac. It has a bad power supply. No, I’m serious. I think I know a place that can take care of it 😉

Thanks everyone, talk to you again soon!! Ryan

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