iPhone 3G S Parts are flowing!

Hello all- sorry it’s been a few days, I’ve been out of town and just got back yesterday. I was greeted with 412 emails. Yes, 412. I admit, a few of them were spam but it took me all day to weed through through and reply to all of them. I wrapped my day up last night at about 7:00pm munching on a Panera Bread asiago roast beef sandwich. . .yummy!

Picture 12

Well, we have launched our new line of service parts for the iPhone 3G S. Don’t be confused, the iPhone 3G is a completely different animal when talking service parts. The new 3GS has a new “everything”. From the glass digitizer to the LCD to the logic board to the back case. In fact, I feel a new blog brewing about this topic as we speak.

We have the LCD and the Digitizer on the website for sale now. The iPhone 3G S LCD is selling for $89 and the iPhone 3GS Digitizer is selling for $69. Remember that our digitizer kits come with the adhesive strips – you know, the awesome Mission Repair adhesive strips that we manufacture. Don’t just take my word for it, there is a lot of good information about our iPhone 3G Digitizer adhesive strips here or in my “hands on” blog here!

We’ll be adding many new parts to the iPhone 3G S category very soon, so if you need a part, we’ll be ready for you! Don’t see the part that you’re looking for? Just give us a call 1-866-638-8402 and ask one of our friendly sales representatives.

Thanks again, talk to you soon, Ryan

Our new promotional video is out!

Yup, here it is. In all of it’s glory. Yes, that’s me in action. You know it was kinda hard to watch the first few times I saw it, but now I’ve numbed myself from the embarrassment of watching myself on video. Not a problem! If you’ve got a minute, this video launches a new segment of our business and there are many more videos to come. Without any further hesitation, we unveil our first addition to the YouTube craze:

Thanks everyone that helped make this new video possible, see you again soon! Ryan

Did you hear the Mix 93.3 Rocket and Teresa show yesterday?

Well, if you had been listening to Mix 93.3 FM here in Kansas City, you would have been engrossed in a big “Mac vs. PC” debate. There were many call-ins and a huge discussion on whether or not to “switch” to Mac’s. . .um, is there really a discussion at all 😉

OK, I LOVE Macs, but that doesn’t mean that I HATE PC’s. I just LOVE Macs. How’s that for political correctness?


Well, as it turns out, Kyle met with Rocket (from the Rocket and Teresa Morning Show) and sold him a Mac that we had for sale. He was so pleased and happy with our business he talked about us all day yesterday during his show. Teresa kidded with him that the computer we sold him was “bootlegged” because it was such a great deal. . .well we promise Rocket you’ll have NO problems using your Apple warranty within the next year, it’s all legit!

They went on and on, and during Rocket’s visit he was made a Mac believer. If you ever need any hands on Mac testimonials or just want to see some cool Macs in operation, stop by our office- we have a plethora of iMacs, Mac Minis, Airport Base stations, Time Capsules, Apple TV’s iPods, iPhones, well you name it – running our office. Of course, this is a Mac operation over here at Mission Repair!

OK, that’s it, just needed to let everyone know that we’re friends with Rocket now 😉 Take care, Ryan

My ‘Pod

My first acquaintance with Apple, like many, was through the iPod. My first was of the second generation; they were still fairly uncommon in my area, and I was (strangely enough) even written up in my high school yearbook for my usage. It’s weird to consider that the iPod was seen as a rarity then, and within only a few years, reached iconic heights.

As I’ll be posting here on a weekly basis, I thought it’d be interesting to regularly highlight a few albums that are thematically linked and in heavy rotation on my iPod at the moment. To those without, you can pick up a 160 GB Classic (the largest capacity ever made!) from Mission Repair’s selection of refurbished iPods. Those that follow this blog can get FREE SHIPPING when purchasing the aforementioned iPod – in either Black or Silver – by using this coupon code anytime before midnight, July 19th: FREESHIP.

Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics – Inspiration Information 3
2009, Strut Records
Part of Strut’s ongoing Inspiration Information series of collaborations, this one features the compositions and playing of Mulatu Astatke, father of Ethiopian jazz, along with UK band The Heliocentrics. This is my current favorite release of the year – load this on your iPod immediately!

While you’re there, check out The Heliocentrics debut Out There and Ethiopiques Volume 4 which features Mulatu Astatke’s genre defining sounds::

Give these a listen on a new iPod – let me know via e-mail if you dug these records at huck@missionrepair.com.

VirtualBox is working great! If you just gotta run Windows and Linux on your Mac.

Hello again everyone. . .

Our Technologists had the opportunity to test out the latest release of VirtualBox, available at http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads. So far we’ve been impressed with the ease of use and quick response of this product. It is definitely a viable option for those Mac users who need to work with Windows and other operating systems. The program was simple to install and configure.


Controls and settings were basic but straightforward and functional. Installing Windows took a bit longer to complete, and the typical updates added more time to the installation. In the end, however, the results were above expectations and we would highly recommend this solution should you need a good Windows or Linux emulator.

One possible limitation of working in a split Windows – MacOS X environment is the need for more hard drive space. Fortunately, our 500 gb hard drive upgrade service for MacBook & MacBook Pro is a good solution to giving laptop users the hard drive space they need for software and files of both OS formats. Also, users would benefit from beefing up their RAM with a service like our 2gb MacBook Module Install to optimize performance.

OK, just thought I’d report our newest findings. This is cool stuff, trust me! See ya, Ryan