Maiden voyage.

As I’ll be regularly contributing to this blog, it seems appropriate to introduce myself. Most introductions begin with a name. Mine happens to be Huck.

At least around Mission Repair it is.

As Ryan mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve adopted a new moniker to avoid being confused for the other Andrew (though I could certainly be confused for worse guys). It may appear, on the surface, to be an arbitrary name – one often mistaken as Chuck – but it was actually chosen with great consideration.  In the mid-eighties, my father was on a bowling team with some friends (perhaps better described as a “drinking team”); each member played under the name embroidered on the breast pocket of the bowling shirts they’d purchased at a local thrift store. My father was Huck. You might say this name is a family heirloom. The legacy my old man left for me. The letters – H, U, C, K – even appear, in that order, in my last name: Heuback. It also recalls the eponymous character of Mark Twain’s Great American Novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, an allusion I feel proud to make every time I answer the phone.

There’s the long-winded origin of my silly name. If you visit our Live Chat or call our customer service line (1-866-638-8402), it’s likely you’ll get to hear me use it.

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