Maiden voyage.

As I’ll be regularly contributing to this blog, it seems appropriate to introduce myself. Most introductions begin with a name. Mine happens to be Huck.

At least around Mission Repair it is.

As Ryan mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve adopted a new moniker to avoid being confused for the other Andrew (though I could certainly be confused for worse guys). It may appear, on the surface, to be an arbitrary name – one often mistaken as Chuck – but it was actually chosen with great consideration.  In the mid-eighties, my father was on a bowling team with some friends (perhaps better described as a “drinking team”); each member played under the name embroidered on the breast pocket of the bowling shirts they’d purchased at a local thrift store. My father was Huck. You might say this name is a family heirloom. The legacy my old man left for me. The letters – H, U, C, K – even appear, in that order, in my last name: Heuback. It also recalls the eponymous character of Mark Twain’s Great American Novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, an allusion I feel proud to make every time I answer the phone.

There’s the long-winded origin of my silly name. If you visit our Live Chat or call our customer service line (1-866-638-8402), it’s likely you’ll get to hear me use it.

New Mission Repair Commerical coming soon!

Well hello there everyone!

I just spent the last few days in Cleveland, OH to shoot our first ever commercial for Mission Repair. . .here I am in front of the green screen:


This new marketing piece will be released soon. . .I’m looking forward to seeing it work! Filming in front of a green screen is a little awkward at first but I’m gonna trust that production team will be able to make me appear like a movie star. Ugh, I’m dreading seeing the final product. I might not be able to watch it 😉 I’m my hardest critic!

We will be displaying the video on our website as well as many other outlets. It’s gonna be exciting!

Thanks, it’s good to be back in my office and no longer in front of those hot lights! Take care, if I don’t talk to you again, have a great weekend.

Best, Ryan