13″ MacBook Matte (not glossy) LCD Screen Repairs Announced!

Hello everyone,

We just launched our 13″ MacBook Matte LCD Screens Repairs here at Mission Repair! As you know, the 13″ MacBooks (white or black) all came with GLOSSY LCD Screens from the factory. It’s just a fact that Apple didn’t give a MATTE option when they built these units. Well, here at Mission Repair we are now providing that option to customers that want a change!


The Glossy screens are nice, but many customers prefer to NOT have glare or reflections on the screen when they are working. It’s cool, I get it! You can now have that glossy screen “muted” with our Matte version. It’s the same OEM LCD that we are using just with a different finish. The brightness, contrast, colors, pixels, and warranty are the same. The only difference is that the final layer of GLOSSY material is changed to MATTE. That’s it!!

Wanna know the best part? These are just $189 installed!

We have these units in stock and taking orders now. Be the first on the block to “upgrade” the MacBook MATTE screen, it’s OK to “think different”!

Take care, Ryan