Andrew Northern nominated for the 2009 Pitch Music Awards!

Hi there, our new employee Andrew has a secret life. One where he is a complete DJ ninja. He DJ’s 5 nights a week around here in Kansas City. I will be attending my first event with him tomorrow as he plans to spin up some tasty tunes Friday night!

Picture 3

The cool part is that he’s been nominated for the 2009 Pitch Music Awards. Here’s a link! Scroll down to “Electronic/Dance” and “ANDREW NORTHERN” is one of 6 nominees for the award. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Here’s the link for the online VOTE! Not that I’m looking for votes for Andrew, well, I really am. Thanks!

I’m giving props to this guy that works his tail off here at Mission Repair every day, then goes and does what he loves every night. Now that’s motivation! It makes me want to do something other than watch TV tonight 😉

OK, I’m going to ask Andrew to write a short blog about himself and we’ll post it soon.

See ya, Ryan